?> Kleen Pool - The Twice a Year Algaecide

Pour KLEEN POOL into the pool water TWICE a YEAR and KEEP your pool ALGAE FREE FOREVER!

Kleen Pool AlgacideWhat is Kleen Pool?

KLEEN POOL is an EPA registered algaecide which kills all types of algae in all types of pool water for up to six months. Once Kleen Pool is introduced into your pool water, it immediately starts KILLING all the ALGAE in the pool. Add keeps algae away for 6 months. Even when new algae is introduced into your pool, Kleen Pool keeps working and keeps algae at bay.

DID YOU KNOW... that when you see GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BLACK in your pool water, that it is DEAD alga, BUT the LIVE INVISIBLE algae is still there. Algae doesn't become visible until it dies, then it turns a color, such as green, yellow, black. etc.

DON'T add chlorine or SHOCK because chlorine/shock is bleach and only bleaches the DEAD algae and it does NOT kill the LIVE algae. An algaecide like Kleen Pool is designed to eliminate the algae and keep it away for six months. Kleen Pool not only kills the algae currently in the pool, but it keeps on killing new algae for six months, Guaranteed.

Why Use Kleen Pool?

  • Kleen Pool only needs to be added twice a year to keep your pool algae free and ready to use.
  • Kleen Pool doesn't bleach algae to cover it up, like chlorine or shock. It kills it from the start and keeps killing for 6 months.
  • With Kleen Pool your pool is safe to use right after treatment. There's no more waiting, like with shock.
  • Kleen Pool can save you money. Instead of using a regular regiment of expensive chemicals to deal with algae. You only need to use Kleen Pool once every six months.
  • Kleen Pool is provided by Florida Water Works, Inc. which has an A+ BBB rating and is Minority Certified and CCR Registered.

Claculate how much Kleen Pool your pool needsHow to use Kleen Pool.

It's easy. General application is

1 gallon of Kleen Pool will service 20,000 gallons of water for six months


1/2 gallon will service 10,000 gallons.

Pour it directly into your pool and safely swim immediately. Use it before winterizing your pool. Kleen Pool is ideal for home owners and pool maintenance companies to ensure safe, beautiful and "algae free" pool water.

To download a complete guide for use and safety information click here.

How to get Kleen Pool.

Kleen Pool is now available at many pool supply stores. Email your zipcode to KleenPool2@yahoo.com for a store near you and don't pay for shipping.

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Kleen Pool 1 Gallon

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Kleen Pool Test Kit

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